Dungeon Hearts Heroes & Spells

This is an expansion for the short, excellent & free, pen & paper roleplaying game Dungeon Heart (for version 1.6).

PDF version: v1.6-en.pdf (1Mo)

For more information, I invite you to read this article on my blog.

On top of some d6 (6-sided dice), you will need 1d12 (a 12-sided die).

How does it work ?

Between each adventurers assault, each player roll 1d6 in the table below, then have to pick one option, if possible. Once the effect applied, tick a

The two first cells of the table bring complications for the players, while the last two bring advantages.

License & sources

Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International This expansion was created by Lucas Cimon and is under CC BY 4.0 license.

If you use it in your session, please leave me a comment on my blog.

The illustration is from Ramirez de Souza aka Halycon450 : Aggron Stonebreak, the Ogre Magi - CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Thanks to Thomas, Henri, Nicolas & Matthieu for the playtests !

Heroes Monsters Boss fights
Cut scenes Artefacts Spells

Heroes are special adventurers. They can only be defeated after all their companions. Choose one of them that will be part of the next invasion party :

  • Barbarian Hero : in a room with monsters, he slays them if you get a 2 or 3 on the dice.
  • Witch Heroine : charm monsters, preventing those dice to be rolled.
  • Erudite Heroine : her books contain the answers to all riddles, preventing those dice to be rolled.
  • Wizard Hero : can travel in time. Between each room, roll 1d6 : on a 5 or a 6, remaining adventurers disappear. They are brought back whenever a new party come to the next room, joining their forces. This ability still applies.
  • Paladin Hero : heal his comrades. Between each room, if at least one other adventurer has been defeated, roll a die : if it’s odd, an adventurer is saved.
  • Rogue Heroine : knows how to disarm traps, preventing those dice to be rolled.

You cannot choose an option that would have no effect :

  • Brawl : a monster kill a monster in the same room or a nearby room.
  • Absent : may it be a strike or just the full moon, your monsters leave their positions for 1d3 invasion phases.
  • Destruction rage : a monster of your choosing starts to destroy all riddles & traps on its path, starting by the ones in its room. As long as a nearby room contain a riddle or trap, it goes there and destroy them. Choose which room if there are several options. The monster finally settles in the last slot visited.
  • Dragon : this newcomer establish itself in a room with a treasure. It is a 4d6 monster that occupies all slots after destroying what they contained.
  • Secret passage : some monsters unwittingly made a secret passage. It can only be followed to leave the treasure room. Place its exit in a room so that it saves time to adventurers.
  • Flooding : some monsters dug so much that they provoked a massive water or lava flooding, destroying 2 slots in the same room or 2 nearby rooms.

Describe how you get to fight the next adventurers party yourself ! Resolve this fight at the beginning of the next invasion phase. If it is not your first boss fight, you can hand this fight over another Keeper.

Roll 1d6 per adventurer, and 1d12 for the Keeper. If you can, then choose one or several adventurer dice whose total is less than or equal to your die. Those adventurers are immediately defeated. You get one ❤ but no special reward.

You can continue the fight, but every round let the adventurers advance by one more room without enduring its threats, repelling the Keeper even further in the dungeon each time.

Describe a scene of your choosing, taking place between two invasions :

They are unique an cannot be exchanged nor lent. Describe its nature and how your Keeper got hold of it :

  • Enchanted weapon : provides you a +6 bonus to your d12 roll during boss fights
  • Magic staff : let you roll a die each time Brain cast a spell : if it’s odd, the spell can be reused
  • Excavator : let Skeleton change paths between the dungeon rooms during the preparation phase
  • Runic grimoire : let you add +1 to all you riddle dice. Hence you win one ❤ on a 4 or a 5, and defeat an adventurer on a 5 or a 6, but on a 1 the riddle is still destroyed.
  • Potion : once per invasion phase, you can re-roll one of your dice.

They can only be used once per game, and only Brain knows how to use them. He is the one who decides when to cast them. You pick one in this list and describe how your Keeper discovers it :

  • Alchemy : in all rooms where you have two traps, you can can merge them. You know roll 2d6. Each die can trigger both trap effects.
  • Gigantism : increase the power of one of your monsters. Add +1 to all its dice. A final result of 6 or more defeats an adventurer, but on a 1 the monster is still slain.
  • Necromancy : resurrect a monster, and place it in the slot you want.
  • Oracle : choose the result of a die that has just been rolled.