Bookmarklet to auto-pass matches on OkCupid

is great!

One things that annoys me a little though, is that I often get matches for people too far away from where I live, even with the distance filter set in my Settings:

Screenshot of the distance filter

Hence I have made a bookmarklet that auto-pass matches for a list of given cities. Then I got requests to add more criteria.

There are the steps to configure and use your own bookmarklet:

  1. Enter a list of criteria to exclude.
  2. Press the Create bookmarklet green button.
  3. A blue button should appear. Drag-and-drop it on your bookmark toolbar.
  4. On the /discover page at, click on your new OkCupid AutoPass bookmarklet.

Now, whenever OkCupid suggests a match for you that correspond to one of those criteria, the Pass button will automatically and immediately be pressed.

Bookmarklet generated:

If you visit another web page, the bookmarklet will stop running. You will need to re-enable it on your next visit on the /discover page by clicking on it.